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Quick Answer

Visible light is even electro magnetic radiation. So which type of radiation does it blocks???

Thank you for writing to us, Kindly understand Visible light rays are also classified as Electromagnetic waves. However Light waves are multi-directional and don’t concentrate on a point unless it passes through a magnifying glass. On the other hand, microwaves that generate mobile radiation are uni-directional, form an electromagnetic field around the antenna, and generates a force that might impact the human body adversely. blocks EM waves, segregates, and grounds the electric field effectively to reduce the impact of mobile radiation on the human body.

Where it is kept?

Thank you for writing to us, you need to stick it on the back of your device.

If radiation is blocked , will receiving signal get affected

No, it only blocks the EMR.. You will receive perfect signals.

Is product actually tested here?

We have already got it tested and verified at TUV Rheinland labs, Bangalore.

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14-B, Ring Road, Indraprastha Estate, New Delhi -110002

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