RadBlok - use your mobile with confidence, not anxiety

RadBlok helps prevent many diseases, including: Headaches , Depression , Tumor , Hearing Loss Low Sperm Quality , Dementia , Brain Tumor.

First of its kind- Patent Granted from
USA( 10074893) for the product that
nullifies the impact of cell phones
radiation , filters and protects the
signal with no effect on the cell
phone reception.

RADBLOK: Small chip with big health benefits

RADBLOK neutralizes the harmful effects of radiation without disturbing the function and operation of your cell phone. The Gold Plated chip with Mesh Antenna properties receives high frequency electromagnetic radiation from cell towers or transmitters, converts the electromagnetic field into week electric field and grounds it effectively. Thereby, shielding you from any harm and ensuring, you talk for hours without worrying for your health.

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The studies are conclusive. If used for sustained and prolonged timeperiods (more than 30 minutes over a 10-year period) radiation from mobile phones can damage the blood brain barrier leading to brain tumor, cancer etc.

On the left, you can see an Image of a person's brain before he speaks on a cell-phone for 15 minutes..

On the right is the Image of the same person's brain after he speaks on a cell-phone for 15 minutes. Notice the increased heat exposure to the brain

A cell phone is a modern day marvel, but has one major fault; it emits radiation that after
a point can harm your brain and nervous
system. While using your cell phone follow some basic precautions.

Mobile Radiation:An invisible yet a big threat

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) is a kind of wireless energy that is commonly used for carrying wireless voice signals, from one point to the other, in the case of Mobile/Radio and for quick/instant heating in-case of microwave cooking.

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