Dr. Divya Mangla


Apt product for the today's mobile users

Dr. Abdul

Mumbai, ENT Specialist

Considering the impact that excess exposure to mobile radiation has on users, I for one recommend it highly. Needless to say I use it too

Dr. Sunil Deshpande

Mumbai, ENT Specialist

Extremely relevant product for today's mobile users


Consultant Cardiac Surgeon(Pa ed), Director - Health Care Professionals Association, Delhi.

"We are happy to see this kind of product,which uses genuine patented technology combined with Sophisticated Engineering and technology. I myself used this and felt very satisfied."


Radiologist - Yashoda Hospitals, Hyderabad.

"I myself using this product, when the makers came to me they told me it will prevent EMR Effect of the Mobile phone. I thought let's give it a try then i came across the technology they have used it's just best. we have even tested in Labs all we got is positive results. Everybody should give it a try. ."

Dr.Radha Ramana Murthy


I'm using this Product and i feel the change in my cellphone Radiation my mobile is not heating up now


M.B.B.S, M.D - Neuro , Chennai

I am very happy to see this product and feel the difference also. I suggest to use RadBlok to prevent the mobile radiation

Dr. Akthar


I suggest to use RadBlok because it will definitely prevent Electro Magnetic Radio Frequency

Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Pankaj Nursing Home, Mansa

Easy to instal and very useful. I bought 3 for my family

Dr. Ravi Rana


3 words - Go for it!